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Home assistant unit of measurement percentage. 1 Like. Then add these pulses to ( 1 pulse is 1 Wh so I divide by 1000 to change unit to kWh) utility meter and use that as energy management source. Nov 1, 2021 · Being in the US, I would prefer most temperature to be shown in Fahrenheit. device_name_battery_level and sensor. state: >-. between those two values? Sensor is connected to an D1-mini. yaml file in your /config folder and add the following inside it: sensor. Mar 11, 2024 · The speed of a fan should later be controlled, depending on the room temperature and any tolerance in percent. template: - sensor: - name: "Tank Volume". shellyem3_channel_a_power')|float (0) + states ('sensor Apr 5, 2020 · Taking the battery state of the wyzesense and making battery sensors. Feb 17, 2019 · In other words, you are instructing Home Assistant to handle received data as being in imperial units (where applicable). - platform: template. daily_yield and sensor. Restarted HASS only to realize that it should be °F. meross_lan. Nov 9, 2021 · If your voltage drops above or below these values, don’t expect it to start showing negative values or values above 100%. . The light sensor measures in Lux, but throught the ZWAVE JS integration the unit of measurement is changed to lx. Example: Room temp sensor = 22°. yaml Also tried using the set state function All Feb 3, 2023 · Entity sensor. Fails configuration check for unit_of_measurement. yaml). If the state cannot be converted to a number, it will show up as a bar graph. Now I get the number of pulses (led blinks) from my energy meter to a mqtt sensor in HA. Now, it shows correctly when I go to the “States” tab and check. The snipped is what I use for HX711. , the mile used for precise historical survey data Jun 15, 2020 · If the maximum value is: 11631. Click the add button and then choose the Number option. Thank you. It pings the pack voltage via MQTT when charging to HA. I’m working on a system that will be feeding a distance measurement into Home Assistant. percentage, x2 = data[1]. See: from: Sensor - Home Assistant. Over those 5 minutes it could consume around 0. @home-assistant rename Awesome new title Change the title of the issue. The template sensor has the advantage of letting you have both the weight and percentage still available. Jun 14, 2019 · You should find an editor that uses, or can be made to use, UTF-8. For instance Nov 22, 2023 · Hi, I have my WaterFurnace HVAC system connected to my HA, and one sensor shows what mode the system is in (standby, heating, cooling, fan only, etc). /config/configuration. tom_l January 27, 2022, 8:42am 2. 0 max: 60. device_name_battery_state. May 29, 2022 · Good morning, all. PeteRage June 27, 2022, 1:48pm 9. For future reference, the documentation indicates if an option can accept a template. Jan 27, 2022 · im reading out my smart meter with tasmota sending its data to HASS over mqtt. There seems to have been a breaking change. There are device classes for energy, voltage, etc. but if i turning on the ac from hassio to the state Cool, it will not change Nov 18, 2021 · hi all, my power company charges $0. Feb 17, 2019 · You have to delete your history at this point or purge it and compress. ) from the automatically created sensors sensor. Screenshot from 2022-02-08 12-27-52 717×385 37. Template sensor to divide the amount of time by the count to get the average. Ideally, I would like to see something like: Temperature 85F Temperature 29. 2166 for the excess of 425 and a charge fee of $4. 131. 2V 0% 95. Apr 7, 2023 · unit_of_measurement: “”. energy_usage')|float > 1000 %} { { (states ('sensor. yaml file, but it just changed the unit in the display without converting the number. 23867 kWh with current power consumption at level 4 Jul 2, 2020 · homeassistant: customize: !include customize. I am templating the Yr-weather wind sensor using a arrow for displaying wind direction. This causes a warning and causes not creating long term history. Currently all units of measurement are displayed after the value, but currency symbols should be displayed before. Here is an example. Thanks. update_interval: 60s. octoprint_actual_bed_temp: unit_of_measurement: "°C". I want to change the unit of measurement to KW when more than 1000 W are being used on my sensor. 14 x 20 = 2260 liters. When you set unit_system: imperial, you are indicating Oct 13, 2022 · If you have only just added the unit_of_measurement, the graph will not update until the window of history gets rid of the old non-unit-ed records. sensor: - platform: hx711. io. I don’t really know. Oh and here’s it all in javascript, if anyone should find it useful: let x1 = data[0]. By using V_UNIT_PREFIX, it’s possible to set a custom unit for any sensor. self. Helper-Room-Max-temp with add 5% = 22,05. 0 unit_of_measurement: seconds mode: slider step: 1. Hello all, I have a template sensor: - sensor: - name: "Power usage" unique_id: power_usage state: >- { { states ('sensor. 131 kWh (including the decimal point) What is the best way to achieve this? Kind regards, Marco Nov 17, 2020 · Something odd is happening here. Just because psutil can report fan speed, it doesn’t mean you have the hardware in place to monitor the fan speed. energy_production_today how will I calculate the percentage for the energy produced? Feb 3, 2023 · @home-assistant close Closes the issue. Otherwise, “Pigs Flying” is a perfectly acceptable unit_of_measurement as far as HA is concerned. yaml and it works great. yaml and include the following line: mqtt: !include mqtt. Does anyone knows how I can get an percent value in Home Assistant. both sensor are sensor. It’s valid way to do it I think. 7. I’d like to know what percentage of time the sensor spends in each mode, and be able to graph that. wixoff April 10, 2023, 8:54pm 3. 8 KB. I would like my lights to turn on with incrementaly according to the lumens measure. I am suggesting that whenever any currency symbol is used it is automatically placed before the value. Ideally I would like to set this in the YAML, though when I try to set the unit_of_measurement like so: customize: sensor. Round to 1 decimal place. room temp on the HA helper = 21°. I don’t think it’s possible change just the language of the “unit_of_measurement” setting the language, because the language is detected for the browser, but the “unit_of_measurement” is setting on the code side. You can use a filter with lambda in esphome to use the map function. But! They do appear in the preview when editing the yaml of the picture elements card. Nov 22, 2023 · Use a filter of some kind, or a template sensor. speed;'. Home Assistant has support for both short- and long-term statistics. I have checked out other posts regarding this but cant get any of the examples to work for me. The sensor config is as follows platform: mqtt name: ‘3Fazer - Voltage’ state_topic: ‘ev/3fazer’ unit_of_measurement: 'V I would like to convert this voltage to battery charge % if possible inside HA. Some examples of use cases: Measure the daily shower duration Measure the Jun 24, 2021 · My pull request Stop rounding history_stats sensor by amosyuen · Pull Request #97195 · home-assistant/core · GitHub just got merged which should stop rounding the sensor. weihnachtsbeleuchtung_signal_strength (<class 'custom_components. However, wind speed, barometric pressure, and precipitation show in metric units. Strixx (Daniel Jönsson) June 8, 2021, 9:31am 1. You are going to need to filter your compensation sensor with a template sensor for that. Can anyone help I’m trying to use £ instead of $ in my configuration but has will not let me do that very new to The preferred way to configure an input number is via the user interface at Settings > Devices & Services > Helpers. What should I do to get the May 20, 2019 · Hi everyone, I got an analog Capacitive Soil Moisture sensor. "area_id": null, Jun 1, 2023 · I’m able to set the unit of measurement for the entity from the UI and there is a conversion that takes place properly. For sensors with other units, rounding works, but not for this. Accordingly, Home Assistant will display the data in imperial units without conversion. is_metric: bool Jul 4, 2021 · On the mobile app, (how I primarily interact with home assistant) it doesn’t work. 0. Aug 22, 2022 · Hello everyone: The TPMS sensor shows output in kPa, while I would like to have them shown in Psi as well: The same applies to other units - F/C, hPa/millibars, etc. unique_id: water_tank_volume_75_and_up. Oct 26, 2018 · Configured my first template based sensor and included the unit of measure as “Fahrenheit”. That would actually makes sense that simply “comma” is not in right place. I have the following sensor defined in configuration. g. gain: 128. The ESPHome integration for these sensors includes level-to-percentage conversions for 20, 30, and 40 lb vertical tanks: Aug 12, 2021 · Feature Requests. Almost certainly unrelated, but your float filters should have default values: states()|float(0) for example, but be careful with using 0 on denominator values. Jun 8, 2021 · Feature Requests. 5 ft Oct 11, 2018 · Steven_Rollason (Steven Rollason) October 11, 2018, 3:51pm 1. 6 x 6 x 3. PeteRage February 4, 2023, 1:07pm 2. I asked about this issue during the week and the only solution was a messy template that caused other problems. fish_feeder_counter is changing, got multiple {'times(s)', 'time(s)'}, generation of long term statistics will be suppressed unless the unit is stable and matches the unit of already compiled statistics (time(s)). This would be very helpful, I tried to write a template sensor with no luck. CybDis (Stefan) May 11, 2023, 9:01am 22. 888586-07:00> (Offending May 20, 2023 · if it’s in percent then you need to convert back to actual used then use the above because I can’t think of a way to get the actual used out of the total by using just the percentages since they are different. But one has unit_of_measurements: cm May 22, 2021 · Configuration. Perfect to run on a Raspberry Pi or a local server. Thats mean. E. Open configuration. I see the temperature in centigrade on topic freezer/temp/c update every second. But there is no device class for “volumes”. Specification Max. petro: The derivative integration will give you the rate of change. Create the customize. Just multiply the voltage by -30. 62v or above should = 100% 1. Electrical power is measured in units of power Feb 15, 2022 · A sensor for heating and a sensor for cooling. Currently there is also a mdi icon linked to humidity that has a percentage sign: mdi:water-percent. Assuming that sensor. And as petro suggested. Mar 5, 2023 · tom_l September 11, 2023, 10:33am 8. 4 Thanks Proposal. I’m using zwavejs2MQTT with a AEON labs multisensor 6. the only problem I’m having is that i Sep 21, 2022 · Arcss September 21, 2022, 7:29pm 1. So imperial does not automatically receive C temp and convert it to F temp? No. Powered by a worldwide community of tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts. sensors: zustatek_vody_studna: value_template: "{{ (states('sensor. PM25_interno_ogni_30_minuti is a rolling average over 30 minutes of a sensor that has a super wide variance, I read the average value every 30 minutes with the trigger and thus I have a more stable value, to use for automations. how can I create a sensor to reflect those numbers so I can use it in grid consumption &hellip; Jan 28, 2023 · Hi everyone, I cannot get a simple sensor get to work and asking for your kind help. sensor. i have some coding skills but this seems to be a bit out of my league. History Stats sensor to count the number of times the sensor was in the desired state in the last 24 hours. here is the current configuration (that I am looking to change Apr 19, 2023 · I initially looked at using the Android Intent of BT_BATTERY_CHANGED but found that this is reporting as a whole the battery life of both ear buds and the case into a single percentage and wasn’t acurate. Any ideas would be appreciated: - platform: template. I would like a device class for sensors that are measuring volume and flow. If there was a way to move the behavior of HASS. Copy the following code to the mqtt. TommySharpNZ (Tommy) April 13, 2021, 9:35pm 4. " state_topic: "freezer/temp/c" force_update: true unit_of_measurement: "°C Enable this if the source sensor state is expected to reset to 0, for example, a smart plug that resets on boot. Gas usage tracking (statistics just like the tracking of your energy) Water usage tracking. The value’s are now on the overview and displayed in Wh (Watts/Hour) e. Apr 7, 2022 · Hi all! I have a DIY electric motorbike, which runs a custom BMS system. This won’t apply to absolute humidity, so that has to have a different sign, for instance just mdi:water Apr 26, 2023 · default: 0 selector: number: min: 0. Dec 16, 2023 · We calculated the precentage of the study in the first sensor. If you wan W then just use the same as in the first sensor for the total and study variables and substract these instead of (100-study) = (total-study). I’m struggling with one of my RFXTRX sensors - the owl electricity monitor is showing but I can’t seem to give it a UoM. Voila. entity_registry it changes bach when i have restarted the Home Assistant, what can I do to make it right? {. 3 and add 100. Nov 15, 2018 · Simply to format currency as $15 instead of 15$. rain_total is actually the sensor entity_id you need to change the unit of. This sensor when dry gives me value of 530, when in water I get the value 220. The unit of sensor. disk_use_music') | float(0) / 1024) | round(2) }}" unit_of_measurement: "TB" However trying to summarize the four Jan 13, 2020 · If it is a linear mapping (which is hard to know without a datasheet) then you need to do it just via the maths which is easy enough. I would like to convert this to a percentage using a template. petro (Petro) May 11, 2023, 12 May 21, 2022 · To do this I used 3 sensors for each state. 3. Been looking for the guides but still I cannot figure out what goes wrong, will be a small thing for sure, but I cannot figure it out. closest() will find the closest entity. MLSensor'>) is using native unit of measurement '%' which is not a valid unit for the device class ('signal_strength') it is using; expected one of ['dB', 'dBm']; Please update your configuration if your entity is manually configured, otherwise Sep 19, 2022 · But this is only my assumption. Related developer documentation. For iOS devices, it is possible to get both the battery level (percentage) and the battery state (Full, Unplugged, Charging, etc. Available for free at home-assistant. 5W = 94. IO depending on the selected Mar 10, 2023 · The thing was that there were no field “Unit of Measurement”. ) should be in Celsius (since it’s the norm for checking if there are thermal issues). Try also adding inverted: true to the definition of the trigger pin. Add a device class DEVICE_CLASS_MONETARY, for measuring an amount of money/currency. you can’t confvert ‘67 ºC’ to a number because ºC is not a number. Works perfect. water_temp_battery’ that displays the battery in volts. Hello, I would like to ask you for help with rounding the value of the sensor, which has as a unit of percentage. Liter per minute (l/min) US Gallon per minute (gal/min) In some cases the system default unit may not be the most useful unit for a given quantity. master_bedroom_temp Jan 9, 2018 · Extra customization features will come later on for lovelace, I have no doubt about it, but that will take some time. Maybe it’s due to converting percentage to power. 1 Like stalkingturkey July 20, 2023, 6:48pm The problem Have a SNMP Sensor that provides values in °C, and my system is set for Imperial. And! Apr 24, 2023 · I am wondering how a LiFePo4 Battery discharge curve could be configured in HA, so that the SOC (in Voltage/ Percent) can be calculated. 100% is 116. Jun 27, 2022 · I literally can’t (as i made a typo and typed times(s) instead of time(s), i probably should have clicked FIX the first time around . Upgraded to 2022. 5. x, HA converted this properly to °F. unit_of_measurement: '%'. : solaredge (Energy this year) 7. All instances where I’ve wrapped an entity inside a config-template-card don’t work, don’t appear on the mobile app. However, anything computer-related (e. This should do the trick: configuration. May 24, 2022 · I have solved this another way. I want to see this in Home Assistant, so in sensors. 00. To be able to add Helpers via the user interface you should have default_config: in your configuration. To account for the daily change of the amount of daytime i thought a percentage would work to define picture elements for the different sun elevations I Feb 2, 2023 · Hi all, Is there a way to get the current metric system or temperature system configured in HA ? I see this dcoumentation but there no informations on temperature system used : homeassistant. I see the correct values when I use the MQTT tab in the Developer Tools. Also, as mentioned previously, the timeout distance should be set near the published limit for the sensor device. your_binar_sensor with your binary sensor and fill in hours_for_100_percent = 10 with the number of hours it takes to get to 100%. But the entity sensor. @home-assistant reopen Reopen the issue. yaml and the Yr temperature is showing as degrees F which is good. It is calculated as a cos (φ) from power vectors and it gives a numeric value between -1. yaml, it should already be there by default unless you removed it. 30v or below should = 0% I can get the template to show either 100% or 0% but May 26, 2023 · Currently the only supported unit of measurement is %, see below screenshot from the documentation. sensors: battery_office_window: friendly_name: "Office Window Battery Level". For short-term statistics a snapshot is taken every 5 minutes. Dec 22, 2021 · zwave , mqtt. Then changed it to the correct one and restarted HASS. Apr 29, 2021 · Regarding the tanks, they hold 2,000 liters each, for a total of 8,000 liters. Since the discharge curve isn’t linear, I am wondering how a sensor formula could look like? Jul 30, 2021 · I have an OpenWrt router and HASS integrated with UPnP/IGD , The upnp integration collect network statistics from router such as bytes in/out and packets in/out. voltage, y2 = data[1]. name: "HX711 Value". Some sensor value types are not specific for a certain sensor type. 2V The battery drain is more or less Nov 1, 2021 · Hello, Been doing some templating in configuration. In the second sensor we substracted 100%-the first sensor percentage. Create a new text file called mqtt. Fairly new to home assistant. This is done by a light sensor which reports the lumens. Mar 26, 2024 · id: fan_percent. yaml for my Toyota integration, but faced some basic calculation block in defining new sensors. Hi, On all my Shelly units the unit of measurement is wrong it shows kWh and the unit should be showing in W, when I change it in core. entity_id: binary_sensor. Jan 6, 2023 · If you can see the state of a device from Home Assistant, in most cases you can create a virtual energy sensor for it. Maybe this: unique_id: suma_volumenes_nasrene. This atribute does not have a “_template”. no temperature conversion takes place. Having four disks each with a disk free/used sensor need to be summarized in TB instead of GB Following sensor works standalone: - sensor: - name: Disk Used Storage state: "{{ (states('sensor. Hellis81 (Hellis81) April 29, 2021, 4:12pm 4. The Imperial and US systems of measure are very similar, and share many unit names. My options would be either: Decimal feet. When I look in the tab States in the Developer Tools, I see my two mysensor nodes. 1. unit_of_measurement: L # do not change this to "litres". 01, but you can fix that by changing the entity setting. For the frontend, it would use icon: mdi:cash. Apr 13, 2021 · There are only a few “special” uom values, such as “°C” and “°F”, where HA actually converts values to your locale settings when it sees them. 950,0 Wh but I want this to be displayed as : solaredge (Energy this year) 7. # Configure a default setup of Home Assistant (frontend, api, etc) default_config: automation: !include automations. i get : The unit of sensor. But, it still appears as Fahrenheit in the front end and gets its own Feb 7, 2022 · I have found a very crude way of turning the lights on dependending on the light level that comes from outside. Apr 8, 2024 · unit_of_measurement: "µg/m³" Thank you, it works!! I’m doing this because the sensor. only problem is that up to 1KV, power is provided in watts and over 1KW, power is reported in kW. timseebeck November 11, 2018, 11:30am 6 Mar 21, 2018 · Tomahawk March 21, 2018, 10:22am 1. In 2022. It defines what percentage I have May 30, 2021 · I made a small device that measures the distance between the sensor and the salt blocks of my water softener. value_template: " {% if states ('sensor. Apr 19, 2020 · I have successful connected two mysensors distance nodes + mqtt gateway and I’m seeing them in HA. this answer does not seem to be valid anymore with 2023-05 they “assume” a numeric value and cast it to decimal, what causes an exception, what causes the sensor to dispaly “unknown”. 1155×875 36 KB. For measuring precipitation km/h would be a quite uncommon unit, while mm/h would be the expected unit. Aug 24, 2021 · state_class: measurement last_reset: 1970-01-01T00:00:00+00:00 source: sensor. 4. yaml and added device_class: power, unit_of_measurement: W Also tried adding the above to config. For example, the V_LEVEL type can be used for different sensor types, dust, sound, vibration etc. 2 Likes. Thanks for your answer, it appeared after restart of HA, and I’m not sure what I have changed . The Jabra Earbuds use an Android app which has a persistent notification sharing the battery percentage of each ear bud and the case. Jun 20, 2022 · Hi all. 0 light_sensor: name: Light sensor description: Light Aug 17, 2023 · You should be able to set the device to a class that uses “%” such as “battery”… sensor: - platform: adc pin: GPIO36 #a0 name: "Smoke Detector #3" update_interval: 1s filters: - multiply: 100 device_class: battery unit_of_measurement: "%" icon: "mdi:percent" Nov 11, 2018 · It would be great if ‘unit of measurement:’ is a currency the symbol would automatically be placed before the value. I tried setting temperature_unit in the customize. @home-assistant unassign mopeka Removes the current integration label and assignees on the issue, add the integration domain after the command. This is to be used for representing a water meter, with the correct units of measurement. It does not have any unit (more about that later). Either set the time unit to seconds or change the precision to 0. , I use kate, both on Windows and Linux. Which is fine when the reading is at longer distance (ie: 17. Configuration. 1 and it now reporting °C What version of Home Assistant Core has the issue? Oct 10, 2020 · Power factor is defined as the ratio of real power to apparent power. What is the correct way: unit_of_measurement: W or unit_of_measurement: “W” And what would be the difference? Apr 4, 2019 · Units of measure in Home Assistant (unit_system) can be set to “imperial” or “metric”. Defaults to 2 meters. Often these similarly named units are close enough for any ordinary, non-scientific, purpose. These do not have a default unit of measurement in Home Assistant. In the unit_of_measurement attribute, I want to set the abbreviation value N/NNE/NE/ENE/E etc. ^^^That part is pushing values into the sensor when the fan is on and speed changes, and the {} is just retaining the current value. vyska_hladiny_studna') | float * 100) / 420 | round(0 Dec 24, 2023 · MeasureIt launched! 🥳 After many years I decided to build a custom component that does exactly what I was missing: Measuring all kind of things I would like to know, based on what happens in Home Assistant. I see that there are options in Configuration|Customization for unit_of_measurement, but I can’t figure out what the allowable values are. Thank’s in advance. For Android I am using OwnTracks for device Jul 20, 2023 · Just fill in binary_sensor. I want to convert data from kW to W. Bigk (Kenneth) September 8, 2022, 7:46pm 1. Home Assistant is open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first. As a backwards American, I default this to ‘Feet and Inches’, but Home Assistant doesn’t appear to have a unit of measurement that can handle specifically feet and inches. Custom unit of measurement. how can use the if statement in the sensor template to make the reading consistent, either in W or kW? - I hope this makes sense. and the {} is just retaining the current value. Volume. DidierM (Didier Miller) August 12, 2021, 9:42am 1. The default precision is still 0. For sensor entities that have a device class that supports manually changing the unit, such as pressure, the native_unit_of_measurement represents the default unit that will be used if the user has not manually changed the unit in the Sep 8, 2022 · Shelly Wrong unit_of_measurement. 16, how can I change the above sensor to display percentage? (100% is maximum) Below, is my best attempt at doing this; which isn’t correct. Ah, just discovered. 0 max: 3600. 0001. energy_usage')|float / 1000) | r…. Sep 28, 2022 · I think this problem is kind of already solved by the native_unit_of_measurement attribute of sensor entities. this is the sensor: if the state of the ac is on, the state number will change to 1 as it should. I have a freezer temperature probe that publishes the freezer temperature once a second over MQTT. Dimensions for each tank: height: around 200 centimeters (at the lid level) radius: 60 centimeters. wyzesense_xxxxxxxx. The actual power consumption of the devices behind your UPS is then quite simply: load % * real power. So with a load of 20% that would be: 20 / 100 * 472. Jan 8, 2020 · Most sensors can only sense up to 2 meters. If possible, we could use the MDI icons that matches the given unit of Nov 10, 2022 · Hi, My SolarEdge convertor is connected to HA. home_energy_meter unit_of_measurement: kkWhh friendly_name: New Energy Meter icon: mdi:chart-histogram device_class: energy I’m not sure what is causing this and as far as I can tell, the documentation I’m reading seems to align with my configuration. Some sensors are leading-edge, some are trailing-edge. The values are shown in homeassistant as normal but the units of measurement are missing. , CPU, hard drive, etc. Let’s say at 300 lumens i’d like to turn them on at 10 percent brightness 150lux 50% and so on. Energy Dashboard, upload data retrospectively. clk_pin: D1. The shape must be rounded at the top and bottom. Jun 27, 2022 · With the import: Screenshot 2022-06-27 at 23-32-50 Developer Tools – Home Assistant 853×68 2. 0 and 1. For long-term statistics, an hourly aggregate is stored of the short-term statistics. Step 1 is to get the python program working. 2104 per kWh for the first 425 kWh and $0. multisensor_6_illuminance (lx) does not match the unit of already compiled Mar 23, 2020 · magik95 (Davide) March 24, 2020, 8:38am 4. 5 W. Without these units, i cant use the energy tab. History Stats sensor to total the amount of time the sensor was in the desired state in the last 24 hours. dev0 documentation. Dischage table for Lifepo4: The 24V Battery is 100% full at 27V, and 0% empty at 20V. Oct 6, 2019 · the template is for determine if the ac is on, basically i have 3 modes: on, heat, cool Than i present the entity as button in order to determine if the ac is on or not. 6 Likes. 5 KB. zwave unit_of_measurement=%, friendly_name=front_door_battery @ 2019-04-04T07:19:55. I think template is the answer, but I can’t quite figure it out. unit_of_measurement should be m³. Maybe 100% percent is not treated as 100/100 but as like 100. The two sensor nodes do have the same sketch (except node_id) and are outputting their values in cm. To create a new sensor for your UPS real power, you need to create an integration of type Template. Jan 7, 2024 · I cannot find the answer (both seem to work). I’ve read a few threads about this but haven’t found a solution yet. I have a battery entity ‘sensor. Cubic Meter (m³) US Gallon (gal) Volumetric Flow Rate. Apr 13, 2017 · Hi I have a few sensors measuring the current power usage and the total consumption since last reset, What I would like to do is to multiply the value this template sensor is presenting with the cost of electricity, for examle 2kr (swedish currency) per kWh. Ensure your mesh unit is connected to your MQTT broker and using JSON as an output. I. yaml file. core — Home Assistant 2022. If you are configuring the sensors using YAML just add the unit_of_measurement there. sensor: !include sensors. I’ve tried customize. In this example, I will create a template power meter sensor and use it with a Home Assistant integration called Riemann sum integral to create an energy sensor for a ceiling fan, so it can be tracked in the energy dashboard. dout_pin: D0. rain_total: unit_of_measurement: 'mm'. Jun 3, 2021 · Hi, I am trying to create a template sensor which calculates the percent of daylight that has elapsed. - platform: mqtt name: "Humidity_plant" icon: mdi:flower state_topic: "tele/Sensor_Woonkamer/SENSOR" value_template: "{{ value Mar 18, 2020 · Hi team I am reporting on power generation from my new solar panels by querying Zevercloud REST API. 0 off_transition: name: Transition time description: Time in seconds of transition turning off default: 0 selector: number: min: 0. In my Arduino code on a Wemos D1 mini I currently calculate the percentage of salt in the softener with: #A&hellip; Apr 4, 2019 · Custom sensor and number percentage. I tried to add unit_of_measurement in the dashboard section: type: entities entities: - entity: sensor. In Notepad, you can use File -> Save As…, then at the bottom you can pick UTF-8 for Encoding. yaml: - platform: mqtt name: "Freezer. Is there any way to add another sensor taking the value from the below template sensor and multiplying it with a given number? (Of course The unit of measurement (kilometers or miles) depends on the system’s configuration settings. Mar 14, 2018 · I am just getting started with HA. {% set tb = 1024 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024 %} {% set v1_size = 8 * tb %} Apr 22, 2022 · I want to calculate the percentage of energy produced vs estimated energy production estimated by the solar forecast integration. voltage, y1 = data[0]. Default tolerance in % = 5%. 123 (Taras) February 8, 2022, 5:30pm 3. 1, core-2021. Measure It MeasureIt can measure all kind of things happening in Home Assistant based on time and templates. Distance examples. It keeps track of supported entities and different elements of the entity state. 5C So both units one per line. In HA, all sensors using power_factor class are expected to report percent which is not a right power factor measurement. Apr 10, 2020 · Just reinstalled hassio after a break of 6 months - must admit it was so much easier this time round. If only one location is passed in, Home Assistant will measure the distance from home. An option for US system of measures (e. mikebrew771 (Mikebrew771) March 16, 2023, 3:11pm 2. I’m trying to create a sun elevation card (with picture elements). When this option is disabled (for example, if the source sensor is a domestic utility meter that never resets during the device’s lifetime), the difference between the new value and the last valid value is added to the utility meter, which avoids the loss of a meter reading after Feb 8, 2022 · unit_of_measurement is not template-enabled, for at least a good reason: entities are not supposed to have “variable” units. E. You still have to feed these sensors to the statistics sensor as I said: tom_l: Feed these two sensors to statistics sensors to calculate the averages. openwrt_router_b_sent use B as unit_of_measurement so the number is too long, how can I change it from B to GB? My HASS version is Home Assistant OS 6. We currently already have the following units available: CURRENCY_EURO = "€" CURRENCY_DOLLAR = "$" CURRENCY_CENT = "¢". I have units of measure set to Imperial in configuration. Might be a cleaner way but I think it’s ok. “us”) should be added. Feb 6, 2023 · Feature request to add percentage to the HA Mopeka integration. percentage; Mar 28, 2022 · So this is the figure you are looking for. yaml in the root directory of home assistant (the same folder as configuration. state: !lambda 'return id(the_fan). (Like if the sensor returns units with the value in the mqtt topic instead of just the value). yaml. wr lt nv sk so lk gl mc bw xn